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15 Years' Experience of Global Exhibition Operation,More than 1500 booths handed over to customers each year.
Professional Design,Global Vision,Helping Brand Promotion

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About us

Yoodon Messe has been successfully operated all over the world in past 15 years with High-end quality service. We focus on providing High-end Quality booth design and construction for our customers with STABLE, EFFICIENT and PROFESSIONAL services , working with many government institutions and top 500 companies .


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    Global Cases


Core Strenghts

-Designer and Contractor of Large National Pavilion

-15 Years' Experience of Global Exhibition Operation   

-Top 500 Companies' Choice 


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  1. Designer and Contractor of Large National Pavilion Project

  2. Global Operation

  3. Top 500's Choice

  4. Powerful Guarantee

  5. 15

    Years' Experience of Global Exhibition Operation

  6. Professional Team

  7. Innovative Design

  8. One-stop Service

  9. Stable and reliable

Industry Solutions

Leading solutions, suitable for global brand personalization, professional promotion, helping the global branding.

  1. WES Modular System

    WES Modular System

    WES modular system is called World Exhibition Solution, which is the global Exhibition Exhibition Solution. In order to solve the standardization problem of brand promotion of enterprises in global exhibitions, Yoodon designs a global unified standard sys

  2. Global Exhibition Solutions

    Global Exhibition Solutions

    We believe that original design elements + personalized brand style + modular design and production + global unified application = international brand visual image. With WES brand global modular system, we provide customized global booth solutions for cus

  3. Less is More

    Less is More

    Less is more.
    Less, not monotonous, but simple. More, not complicated, but rich. Yoshi believes that the simpler the design, the more we can convey our love and pursuit of quality. We believe that a perfect design, not because it has no superfluous thing

  4. Immersive Experience Hall

    Immersive Experience Hall

    Experience economy is the extension of service economy and the fourth type of economy after agricultural economy, industrial economy and service economy.
    In order to leave a deep impression on customers, Yoshi tailored the "immersion experience" stand fo


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Our customers

15 Years' Experience of global exhibition operation, professional team, innovative design, one-stop service, stability and reliability. Working with many government institutions and top 500 companies , designing and building booths cover various markets leaders in many fields.

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Views and info

We updates the information about the construction, layout and design of the booth for you every day.