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China Exhibition Booth Design For CIIE

Date:2020-06-04 Source:Shanghai Yoodon Exhibition Co.,Ltd. Reading volume:3408

Exhibitor: LANXESS
Exhibition: CIIE
Booth area:36 Sqm  
Exhibition date:2019-11
Exhibition venue:Shanghai, China 
Service: Booth design & Construction
Main material: Wooden made,spray paint
Floor:10cm raised platform with floor
Contractor: Yoodon exhibition Shanghai Limited

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About CIIE:

The national pavilion is an important part of CIIE. A total of 82 countries and 3 international organizations have set up 71 booths with an exhibition area of about 30, 000 square meters. the exhibitors will display their national image, economic and trade development achievements and distinctive products. In the national pavilion, 12 guest countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Britain, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Brazil and Mexico, have set up unique pavilions. As the host, China has set up the China Pavilion, including the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exhibition area.

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