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Costa Rica National Pavilion

Booth Area:60

Exhibition Date:2018-11-18

Exhibition:China International Import Expo

Exhibition Venue:China,Shanghai

Industry:Import fairs

Costa Rica is a beautiful country located in Latin America, with a land area of only 0.03% of the world's land area, but with nearly 4% of the world's species, it is one of the countries with the richest biological species in the world. 26% of the land area is national park or nature reserve, and the national forest coverage rate is 52%. Therefore, the creative concept of Costa Rica National Pavilion is: a comprehensive Costa Rica forest experience tour.

 Our creative idea for Costa Rica pavilion in China exhibition constructor is: immersive experience --Costa Rica full screen interactive experience tour.

Strengths of Immersive Experience:Experience Interaction;Ignite Hot Spot;Excellent publicity effect.

Strong interaction experience  : Be personally on the scene , to achieve the maximum effect of promoting products and brands, and strengthening the effectiveness of brands and products. Human computer interaction, strengthen product function publicity and personal experience.

Ignite the hot spot: Through the creation of three-dimensional space of vision, sound sense and smell, it gives the audience a strong sense of experience. Different from the ordinary exhibition stand, it will bring a large number of people and participants to attract the attention of the audience.

Good publicity:Making the audience  in the real sense which the brand bring, so as to achieve the effect of attracting the audience's attention and expanding the brand influence.

Through the combination design of the above three points, we have achieved a Strong interaction experience , Ignite the hot spot, Good publicityalso successfully created a unique and eye-catching visual image for Costa Rica at the 2018 CIIE show.

Costa Rica   2018 CIIE  60sq.m

At the top of the stand, we use the high-definition p2.5 LED screen to play the natural flavor of Costa Rica. The full LED display is also a trend and fashion of the recent Shanghai exhibition design

At the same time, in the center of the stand, we also hang a high-tech transparent ice screen to imitate Costa Rica's beautiful waterfall. This is also a highlight in the design of the Shanghai exhibition stand.

The loungers in the exhibition stand are equipped with the somatosensory device introduced from Costa Rica. With the shaking of the chair, the large LED screen in front of the chair also changes accordingly. Interactive somatosensory device is also an effective way to attract audiences in the design of Shanghai exhibition stand

Free experience of Costa Rica Coffee is available at the exhibition site, attracting all exhibitors and visitors



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