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Less Is More

Less, not monotonous, but concise. More, not heavy and complicated, but the rich. Shield to think about, the More concise design, can send our love and pursuit of quality. We believe that a perfect design, not because it has no extras can be added, but because there is no spare part can be removed.


Booth design is even more so, we abandon those flashy design, the pursuit of perfection of the ultimate reflects the culture and concept of customers, highlight the quality of products, promote the mission of the enterprise.

Less Is More

Successful Projects of “Less Is More”

The more concise the design is, the more love and pursuit for quality we can convey , the more international quality we can highlight

HRS 2019 广州橡塑展

HRS 2019 广州橡塑展

Exhibition Venue:中国 广州

Exhibition Date:2019-05-24




Exhibition Venue:中国广州

Exhibition Date:2019-06-04



Strengths of “Less Is More”

Internationalized image + Conciseness + Less Cost

  1. Internationalization Branding Image

    Internationalization Branding Image

  2. Conciseness


  3. Less Cost

    Less Cost