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Yoodon Exhibition has been successfully operated all over the world in past 15 years with High-end quality service. We focus on providing High-End Quality booth design and construction for our customers with STABLE, EFFICIENT and PROFESSIONAL services , working with many government institutions and top 500 companies ,designing and building booths cover various markets leaders in many fields , such as European Union pavilion, UAE national pavilion, Portugal national pavilion, Australian pavilion, Brazil pavilion,HUAWEI,TCL,GREE, Australia Post, METRO, HERBALIFE . Yoodon is also the designated contractor of CPHI  and SNEC.


For the 15 years, Yoodon has built up a strong and global service team which provides our clients with global top standards , the covered area includes America, Germany, France , UK, UAE, India, Russia, Brazil and so on .Our global service network provides comprehensive planning, design and construction services for our global customers.


With the continuous development of global economic integration, establishing brand identity and influence is the most crucial step in the global brand culture strategy of enterprises. We integrate global resources and operational experience to create the WES modular system known as World Exhibition Solution, a global booth design and build solution. It is a system designed to solve the standardization problem of corporate brand promotion in global exhibitions.


Yoodon promotes international visual effects, personalized brand design, and modular design. This can unify the image standards of corporate global brand promotion, and enable enterprises to have a unified publicity brand image in the promotion of exhibition image. The WES modular system helps companies build exhibition systems in a personalized, modular, reusable, and globally scalable manner.


The WES brand modular system built by Yoodon will be part of the CIS in large enterprise. Yoodon believes that original design elements + personalized brand style + modular design and production + global unified application = international brand visual image . We firmly believe that the brand is eternal, and look for the brand-related creativity and spirit, combined with the corporate culture, to show a more unique brand connotation.


We involve the creative design into the soul of the enterprise. With a detailed execution ability, to infect Your brand and make the brand resonate with the audience. Yoodon uses "More Valuable Design to create value" as the core brand idea. With creative, inspired and inspirational source, ingenious strategy, and exquisite execution ability,  we  bring the most appealing experience for customers in brand events.

Scope of service

  1. Global Stand design & construction

    Global Stand design & construction

    There are 150 exhibition city service outlets in the world.Providing global uniformity and high-end quality,Professional one-stop stand design and construction services

  2. Retail Store & Showroom Design

    Retail Store & Showroom Design

    Unique creative, incisive and unique strategies,Execution ability of great detail,Bring the most infectious experience to the customer's brand activities

  3. Event & Conference

    Event & Conference

    Conference activities, road shows, media releases, brand promotion,Online and offline advertising planning and execution, shopping malls, KA production and installation

Service Team

With 15 years experience in global operation,successful cooperation with government organizations of many countries and top 500 enterprises, our team has grown into the industry elite.

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Our professional service team and high-quality construction have won the trust and recognition of the large exhibition organizers and government departments, and many awards as well.

  1. Appointed contractor of SNEC

    Appointed contractor of SNEC

  2. Certificate of ISO 9001

    Certificate of ISO 9001

  3. Appointed contractor of CIIE

    Appointed contractor of CIIE

  1. Appointed contractor of SNEC

    Appointed contractor of SNEC


Core Strengths

National pavilion contractor +15 years global experience + Choice of top 500 companies + Guarantee from professional team

  1. Designer and Contractor of Large National Pavilion

  2. Global Operation

  3. Top 500's Choice

  4. Powerful Guarantee

  5. 15

     Years' Experience of Global Exhibition Operation

  6. Professional Team

  7. Innovative Design

  8. One-stop Service

  9. Stable and reliable

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